antioverweightThere is simply no better or quicker way to get information into your subconscious than hypnosis. Our weight loss hypnosis audio CD gently guides you into a deeply relaxed state so that your subconscious “gets it!” You will eat healthy food in the proper amounts because you want to…and it’s just $29.95 for the Hard Copy CD and $5.99 for the Instant MP3 Download.

If any of the multitude of diets available really worked, there would not be a new diet every time you turned around. The amount of diet choices is staggering….just Google “Diets” and over 20 million results pop up! If you Google diet books, over 91 Million results pop up. Obviously if there was a surefire diet…well, that would be that…no need for more than one. So, if diets do not work, what does work? What has to happen to get you to lose weight? Glad you asked.

What has to happen: to lose weight, a decision has to be made to eat healthy foods in the proper amounts. Period. But how do you get to make that decision? You make a conscious decision to let your subconscious receive the suggestions that allow this to happen…that is what Breakthrough Hypnosis can do for you.

No need to deprive yourself of anything. Just be sensible, eat healthy and eat the right portion. The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology states that hypnosis is an amazing 30 times more effective weight loss method.

A University of Connecticut study showed hypnosis subjects lost more weight than 90% of others…and kept it off. Other studies have shown that hypnosis more than doubles average weight loss.

Hard Copy CD Mailed to You – $29.95

antismokingIt is such an extraordinary pleasure for me to be able to easily and comfortably help people to stop smoking. By guiding them to be non-smokers, I know they are no longer harming their health by smoking. I’ve helped many people end their smoking habit…and this CD can help you end yours too…and it’s just $29.95 for the Hard Copy CD and $5.99 for the Instant MP3 Download.

This tried and true CD gently guides you to a relaxed state whereby your conscious mind narrows down and quiets, and allows your subconscious to receive the suggestions that will transform you into a non-smoker without irritability or weight gain. We truly do live the effects of our thinking and when you think you can…you can!

Mind-body unity is now recognized by the American Medical Association, the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Psychological Association. This CD is perfect for listening while you are in bed just before going to sleep…the dialogue is accompanied by the original and soothing sound track written and played by Eddie McHugh. Eddie is a superb musician and songwriter. This sound track has been written exclusively to accompany this CD.

The statistics on Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation speak for themselves. The Journal of Nursing states that Hypnosis patients are twice as likely to remain smoke free after two years. Ohio State University, College of Nursing states that hypnosis is more effective than drug intervention. The University Of Iowa Journal of Applied Psychology states in the largest study ever that hypnosis is 3 times as effective as the patch and 15 times more effective than willpower.

Hard Copy CD Mailed to You – $29.95

antiibsAsk any gastroenterologist…IBS and stress are kissing cousins! This Breakthrough Hypnosis audio CD is tailored to specifically address the link between stress and bad gut reactions and help you control the pain IBS causesand it’s just $29.95 for the Hard Copy CD and $5.99 for the Instant MP3 Download.

Prevention Magazine published an article that stated that hypnosis should be the treatment of choice for IBS. The article went on to say that people who treated their IBS with hypnosis had an astounding success rate of 80%. This statement was made by the chairperson of the National Womens Health Network in Washington, DC.

Do not doubt the interrelationship of stress and suffering from IBS…this CD is a true learning experience of how to deal with stress aimed specifically at IBS sufferers. Behavioral and relaxation interventions clearly reduce arousal (pain). Hypnosis, because of its capacity for invoking intense relaxation, has been reported to reduce several types of pain. It has been hypothesized that Hypnosis blocks pain from entering consciousness by activating the frontal-limbic attention system to inhibit pain impulse transmission.

Data suggests the effectiveness of hypnosis in chronic pain which includes IBS, tension headaches and fibromyalgia among many other conditions. Remember: if 100 people who suffer from IBS use hypnosis, 80 will be successful. Be one of those 80%…order this CD and discover how you can control your symptoms.

Hard Copy CD Mailed to You – $29.95

stressWouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have stress? Talk about wishful thinking…since stress is here to stay the best we can do is learn how to better deal with it. We are not our circumstances and we can learn to recognize this with this audio hypnosis CD…and it’s just $29.95 for the Hard Copy CD and $5.99 for the Instant MP3 Download.

It is absolutely recognized that emotions create actual physical events. So it is apparent that controlling stress, as best we can, contributes to and impacts your health positively. Manage stress, become calmer and then you are less at risk for negative impacts on your well being.

These stress management techniques are the very same that I utilize successfully for my clients who are withdrawing from drug and alcohol dependence and have been an invaluable tool to these clients as they go through recovery.

The effects of the CD linger and linger long after the initial listening session and are strengthened with each subsequent exposure. EAch time you listen you will remind your mind that you know how to be less stressed.

Hard Copy CD Mailed to You – $29.95