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Stress is a problem for almost everyone. Our super charged world is a pressure cooker in one way or another. We have schedules to keep, places to be and people to meet. At business and at home, we are in a constant state of productivity, often causing severe amounts of stress related issues. Our Breakthrough Stress Management seminars give you the tools to help you achieve your goals by teaching you to access the transforming power within you. By understanding stress you can learn to choose and give power to the right thoughts, and not fuel the stress. Breakthrough Stress Management can help you identify how stress contributes to mental, physical and emotional issues…

  • What is Stress?
  • Is All Stress Harmful?
  • Can I Control Stress?
  • Is Stress Measurable?
  • Can Stress Be Imagined?
  • What Are The Different Kinds Of Stress?
  • Does Stress Affect Different Parts Of My Body?
  • What Kinds Of Events Produce Stress?
  • What Are Some Physical Symptoms Of Stress?
  • What Behaviors Can Stress Create?

Our programs are a combination of advice, support and guidance for understanding and dealing with your stress and how to reduce stress and its effects. We conduct individual programs, stress management programs for organizations and businesses, and programs for executive stress management. These may include evaluation and analysis to determine programs for stress prevention, stress management and managing performance.

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Breakthrough Stress Management can provide services for reducing stress and the following issues resulting from stress…

  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Your Heart Function
  • Male Sexual Function
  • Female Sexual Function
  • Your Immune System
  • Memory and Brain Function
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Stomach Problems, Your Digestive System
  • Hypertension, Increased Blood Pressure
  • Lack of Sleep, Inability to Calm Your Thinking
  • Alcohol Abuse, Addictive Behaviors
  • Muscle Problems, Aches, Cramps

Breakthrough Stress Management can organize customized sessions and seminars that may include nutrition, exercise and sleep programs to provide specialized coaching in dealing with these stress related problems. With extensive experience in helping people with a wide variety of issues that often arise from stress, the Breakthrough Stress Management programs can be tailored to the specific needs and goals for individuals and organizations.

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I have had Arlene J. Sherman utilize her talents to help me manage stress. I highly recommend her to anyone that is having stress related issues.
Leanne D. MD, Seattle, WA
I’ve been struggling with a lot of stress in my life and had been looking for ways to minimize it. It took only one time of listening to Arlene’s CD for me to feel completely relaxed. As I followed the instructions, I experienced a calming stillness in and around me. I really felt like I was able to separate myself from the anxiety I feel and consider it from an objective point of view. This, in turn made me feel more in control. I’ve since continued to practice the relaxation using the CD as guidance and I am learning to manage my stress.
Abby T. , Salt Lake City, UT
I first started hypnotherapy for stress relief. I was a very anxious person and always felt like I was on the edge. I went to two sessions with Arlene and had noticed a huge difference, as well as my family. They told me they could see I was more relaxed and didn’t have such a tense look about me. For years I have been struggling with Cyslic vomiting syndrome, but I was just recently diagnosed with it. For years I went through vomiting and excruciating pain every three months. As soon as I was diagnosed with it, I mentioned it to Arlene. She had never heard of the disease, as many people haven’t, but quickly found out all about it. Within a week she was ready for me to come in and try a new session. It lasted two hours and I am happy to say that I have been cured! It has been 8 months and I have felt great ever since. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone willing to try something new.
Brandi S. , Merritt Island, FL

Arlene Sherman is a stress management consultant and certified hypnotherapist. She guides and coaches audiences with stimulating and humorous talks centered around her central mind and body health program…Power Your Mind, Manage Your Stress and Accomplish Your Goals.

Stress often prevents us from being motivated and achieving our goals. Arlene conducts her stress management programs with a great sense of wit and knowledge in all aspects of life…this makes the programs very human…everyone can achieve better results and get closer to their goals by reducing stress.

Breakthrough Stress Management organizes and conducts stress management lectures, seminars and conferences for business teams and groups. Our stress management programs can help you control stress related conditions like migraine, headaches, hypertension, alcohol or drug abuse and muscle problems which lower productivity and diminish the group or workplace culture.

Breakthrough Stress Management sessions are currently conducted in person at the Wellington Professional Center located at 12161 Ken Adams Way in Wellington, FL. Wellington is conveniently located a short distance from West Palm Beach and the Palm Beach International Airport. A short drive from Lake Worth, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, our offices serve clients from a wide area.

On site sessions can be arranged for organizations and businesses following an initial assessment.

Telephone sessions are available for individuals if you are not in the surrounding area. All sessions are by appointment only. If you are in a different time time zone, please call during the Eastern US Time Zone hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM.

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