I want to scream from the rooftops about YOU and how you have changed my life in such a positive way! From the moment you took my first call, I could tell you actually CARED about me and how you could help me quit smoking. I didn’t know what to expect or how it would work, but I’ve been smoke-free for almost 3 months now and that’s only after ONE session. I’m completely blessed to have found you and honored to call you my friend now.

I was blown away when you called to check up on me to make sure I’m doing ok, not only once, but several times. That means a lot to me! The amount of money I have already SAVED since the day I came to you has already paid for the appointment 3 times over by quitting smoking.

I have told many people about Breakthrough Hypnosis and hope that they will invest in themselves to make the appointment with you today. I’m glad I came back to you for other personal reasons, and will continue to tell everyone I know how you’ve changed my life for the better.

I thank you, my family thanks you, and my friends who were concerned about me thank you for all of your guidance.

Michele W., West Palm Beach, Florida
I contacted Ms. Sherman for help at a very confusing time in my life. I came to the realization that I am an alcoholic and I was going to AA meetings, but I felt that I needed support on a more personal level. My hypnotherapy sessions with Ms. Sherman were amazing. While in her care I was physically and mentally relaxed at a level I have never experienced before, and I felt emotionally supported and nurtured. I am happy to report that I continue to be sane and sober. Thank you Ms. Sherman!
Lauren H., Seattle, Washington
Through Arlene’s calmness and wisdom she has helped me with overcoming my addiction with alcohol and has made me honor my inner house.
Alice R., West Palm Beach, Florida
There aren’t enough words in the English Language to fully express how satisfied I was with my experience with Miss Arlene Sherman, and her hypnotherapy company, Breakthrough Hypnosis, Inc.

Just recently, I had the privilege of seeing Miss Sherman for weekly appointments to help with my panic attacks. Before my first hypnotherapy session, I was quite skeptical of the hypnotherapy treatment. I remember thinking to myself that it wasn’t going to work. But boy was I wrong on that one.

So going into my first session, I didn’t know what to aspect. Which in a way, was kinda fun. During my first session, I told that I wouldn’t have to live with panic attacks anymore. After a few weeks, I stopped having panic attacks. I couldn’t believe it. As time slowly progressed, my life started going in a positive direction. Almost everything in my life was finally starting to go my way. I was starting to get my life together again. After being unemployed since September of 2010, I landed a new job at a law firm, as a file clerk. I just became more positive and happier with everything I do. I’m truly happy and at peace with my life right now. I couldn’t be anymore happier. I am truly grateful for Miss Sherman’s services. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to meet her. She has done wonders for me. I will always remember her and her saying, “Every day and in every way I get better.” I’m living proof of that! Even to this day my life is improving.

Currently, I’m going for my second and final interview for my second job. None of this would have ever been possible without the guidance and treatment I recently received. I would recommend anymore struggling with panic attacks to see her. Don’t hesitate, make the first step to a better life, make your appointment today. Miss Sherman, is a caring individual, who has an extreme skill for her profession. You won’t be disappointed!

MS, West Palm Beach, Florida
I consulted Arlene Sherman when my panic attacks proved intractable and was affecting nearly every area of my life, including the ability to sit in meetings with clients and business colleagues. They were so frequent that my fear of having an attack in public was almost as bad as the experience of having one. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know that the worst of them is a feeling of impending doom to the point where you think you might actually die. I consulted several specialists, but I never got the results I had hoped. I could take medication, which helped, but left me feeling drugged and unable to do my job. Then I met Arlene. I have no idea how she does what she does, but her suggestions on how to manage these attacks so are effective that I can control them when I feel them coming on, and now I even have far fewer of them. Her help (and the tape I bought to use between sessions) has made a major difference in my life. Her most important characteristic is that her suggestions are both insightful and actionable. I recommend her to anyone with panic disorder.
SMM, Carmel, California
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you, Arlene, for all the help and knowledge I have received from you! You have truly been a blessing! Since having been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette Syndrome nearly 30 years ago, it has been a rough ride over the years to say the least. You, however, have helped unlock the transforming power within my own mind to rid myself of fears and anxieties that have always tried to control my life. You have truly given me a different perspective on how the mind works and a way to retrain my brain and rewire those negative thoughts and fears to make new neurological pathways that create ways to overcome the habits and hangups that have tormented me for so long! I am so blessed to have met you and you are such a compassionate and caring person that I cannot thank you enough!
Cheritt G, Tampa, FL
I am writing to say Thank YOU for changing my outlook on life! I am one of those people who have tried diet and exercise but still struggling to meet my weight-loss goal. After having a hypnosis session with Arlene, my self image and self esteem has sky rocketed, I also noticed that I was more cognizant of the amount of food I was eating and also noted that I no longer had the desire to overeat. Most importantly, I noticed that I felt really good and positive. Thank you Arlene!! You’re a gift to all of us looking for ways to a successful weight loss and improved overall well-being!!! Warm regards.
Claudia R, B.A., M.H.C. , West Palm Beach, Florida
Diagnosed with gastic cancer, I had surgery to remove tumors and half of my stomach. Kept losing weight and so a feeding tube was inseted. After 6 months my oncologist was encouraging me to eat on my own, but that was difficult as food did not appeal to me at all. I contacted Breakthrough Hypnosis to see if Arlene could help me. Success at last!
MP, Okeechobee, FL
I am so thankful for your calm, reassuring countenance and caring attitude that puts me at ease to forget the chronic pain I endure day and night. You taught me my need to relax and look forward to what is good. Thank you for your loving support to encourage my way.
Susan S., Bowie, MD
I am very fortunate to have met Arlene in October of 2010. I suffered from P.T.S.D. for over 10 years after the graphic suicide of my brother Glen. I was medicated and I had 2 yrs. of Psychiatrists / Psychologists attempting to help me to process this traumatic event that one can only imagine. Unfortunately, their best efforts didn’t work for me. Arlene was able to give me something that no professional could ever do before. That something was peace! To my amaze, Arlene guided me into my recovery, after only two sessions with her. As long as you are open minded she can help you! These days I’m a very happy individual, thanks to you Arlene…
AB, West Palm Beach, Florida
I’ve known Arlene as a friend and confidant for some years, and can only say that she consistently provides what I call “actionable insights;” To me that has meant acute analysis that resulted in my being able to put into practice what she recommends with excellent results. This is a rare talent: as many who have been in counseling will say, often one begins to understand the root of a problem but somehow can never put into place a plan that will solve it. Arlene does something different, and I have no idea how: she sees clearly that the cause and the solution are one of a piece, so when she tells you what you can do about a problem, and you do it, it ceases to be a problem. Somehow she is capable of strategic insights that give you total clarity. I am simply in awe of this gift. If you have access to Arlene, you’re a very lucky person. The quality of your life will be significantly improved.
SM, San Francisco, California
I first started hypnotherapy for stress relief. I was a very anxious person and always felt like I was on the edge. I went to two sessions with Arlene and had noticed a huge difference, as well as my family. They told me they could see I was more relaxed and didn’t have such a tense look about me. For years I have been struggling with Cyslic vomiting syndrome, but I was just recently diagnosed with it. For years I went through vomiting and excruciating pain every three months. As soon as I was diagnosed with it, I mentioned it to Arlene. She had never heard of the disease, as many people haven’t, but quickly found out all about it. Within a week she was ready for me to come in and try a new session. It lasted two hours and I am happy to say that I have been cured! It has been 8 months and I have felt great ever since. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone willing to try something new.
Brandi S., Merritt Island, Florida
I have had Arlene J. Sherman utilize her hypnosis talents to help me manage stress. I highly recommend her to anyone that is having stress related issues.
Leanne D., MD , Seattle, WA
It has truly been a blessing meeting Arlene. Throughout, my life I have had such a hard time quieting my brain and focusing on school and work. For a long time I was forced to try different medicines for my AD/HD and with each pill came feelings of depression and detachment. I decided that it was time to try something new and lucky for me I met Arlene. My first hypnotherapy session left me breathless.

When we were finished I realized that I was able to slow my mind down by myself. I ended up meeting Arlene 2 more times in the next 3 weeks. It began getting easier and easier to calm myself down and focus on the things that I need to get done. I also was able to slow my mind down without feeling moody and changing my personality. Hypnotherapy has truly been an alternative form of medicine that has no side effects. I cannot thank Arlene enough.

NM, West Palm Beach, Florida
I’ve been struggling with a lot of stress in my life and had been looking for ways to minimize it. It took only one time of listening to Arlene’s CD for me to feel completely relaxed. As I followed the instructions, I experienced a calming stillness in and around me. I really felt like I was able to separate myself from the anxiety I feel and consider it from an objective point of view. This, in turn made me feel more in control. I’ve since continued to practice the relaxation using the CD as guidance and I am learning to manage my stress.
Abby T., Salt Lake City, UT
I am a cancer survivor who is currently out of remission and in need of additional chemotherapy. This developement is accompanied by, among many other things, stress. In an effort to be of help, a friend gave me Arlene Sherman’s CD on stress management. It has proven to dramatically decrease my level of stress. I must thank Ms. Sherman for making it easier for me to cope during this difficult time.
Claire L, Yonkers, NY
I listened to the Stress tape, not really believing it would help, but at the end I was completely relaxed. However, what was interesting is that the effect went far beyond the time of listening itself. I continued to get benefits from it days later. I highly recommend it.
I would recommend using these tapes to help others.
Susan, San Francisco, California
I have listened to two CD tapes by Arlene Sherman. One had to do with overeating and the other with stress reduction. I found both very meaningful. In the first I was very relaxed and the power of suggestion was strong. That is, given two groups of food to choose from, the desire to pick the healthy choice has motivated me. I attribute this to the lessons absorbed from listening to the cd on overeating. The second tape on stress was extremely relaxing and comforting. I found Ms. Sherman’s voice to be very soothing. I also liked the soft music in the background. There is no question that the tape gave me a positive strategy to use when stressed. I liked that I could call on myself to relax. I would recommend using these tapes to help others.
HR, Ft.Lauderdale, Florida